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If you love something, let it go...?

If you love something, let it go...if it comes back it’s yours.

This saying has been around for a long time and I’m sure, many of you have heard it at least a few times in your life. But if you break it down, what does it really mean in terms of relationships and dating? Does it mean break up and if they love you they’ll come back? Does it mean ignore them and if they love you they’ll call or text? How do we translate this lifelong saying into plain “tell me what to do” English?

A long time ago, before I found my husband, I was completely confused by this saying. It made absolutely no sense to me. In my mind, if you loved someone, you had to show them, tell them, hold on tight. I had the belief that I could make anyone love me if I just tried hard enough. It’s easy to read my words here and KNOW that holding on for dear life is ridiculous and certainly not effective for a healthy relationship but then why do we still make those same mistakes when we fall in love? We all do it, knowing it’s not effective. Why?

Because we are human beings and that’s just what we do. We often take action, not because of what we know but because of how we feel.

Sometimes our feelings lead us to grasp too tightly for control. Sometimes our feelings lead us to act too cool like we don’t care.

So what does the saying mean to me?

If you love something, let it go...if it comes back it’s yours.

Let go of control. Let it happen, no more forcing. Put yourself out there. Take a risk and yes, that means that there is a chance you might get your heart broken. Being vulnerable can be scary but it’s also what will help you find love in your life. Letting something go is you allowing yourself to be vulnerable, open, able to be hurt. Allowing yourself to let go and accept what will be. In many cases, it will draw them closer to you and if it doesn’t, do you really want someone who isn’t drawn to you in the first place?

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