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Dating Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Dating can be daunting especially when you don’t know how you are supposed to act. What should I say? How should I act? Should I hold in my feelings or share?

I think the dates early on in the relationship are the best ones to be transparent. You are getting to know each other and figuring out if you are a match in personality, attraction, hobbies, etc.

So why be someone you’re not? These dos and don’ts will help you navigate those first few dates.


Do be authentic

If something bothers you, share it, nicely and genuinely. Don’t hold it back because it WILL come up again and it WON’T be the right time when it does. So choose how to present the information in a calm and collected manner, when YOU are most powerful.

Do be flirty, fun, and playful

On a date, via text, heck, be that way in your life too. Dating can be frustrating and you might be completely over it but remember, even though you have been on a million dates, you are always your first date’s first date and you have one chance to make a good impression. So go have some fun and get to know a new person, without putting so much pressure on both of you to make it work on the first date.

Do have fun with the process

Dating can be super fun if you remove the pressures of having to “get it right”. Go meet some people, get to know them, you’ll either click or you won’t. Nothing personal. If you fail, you definitely want to fail fast here and move on. If you find they're not for you....NEXT!

Do be yourself

There really is someone for everyone and whether you believe it or not, there IS someone who is perfect for you!! Let them find out who you really are. Everyone has baggage, the key is finding your matching luggage.


Don’t tank and explode

This doesn’t work for anyone and will just end in a fight or break up. No bueno. Instead, share your authentic feelings when things bug you and work out a plan together to overcome those objections.

Don’t give it all away

This one goes for guys AND gals. Becoming intimate too soon before you allow the relationship time to mature and develop deep feelings for each other, can result in a few ways. For women, it can make them feel too close too soon and sometimes end up smothering the guy, making him run. For guys, it ends the chase and he may get bored and want to move on, regardless of how much he liked her beforehand.

Don’t take rejection personally

There’s a ton of fish out there so why stress over those who aren’t interested in treating you like the most special person in their life? There’s a lid for every pot so if it isn’t a good fit, keep looking.

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

Lying is not a great way to start your relationship off plus, they ALWAYS find out. So just be yourself and find someone who likes you for who you are as well as who you are not.

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