When I first began working with Stephanie I was resistant to her suggestions since I'm such a strong-willed woman. She gave me the tools to learn patience and using my strength and power as an advantage instead of deeming myself too independent for a male partner to accept. I have to say, everything she's instructed me to do, by sitting back and patiently waiting for him to reach out to me (which happened exactly as she told me it would) to learning my own inner softer self has given me a new found confidence that I am proud to explore. Thank you Stephanie. 

A.H.  NJ

My partner and I used to rage at each other. It was deeply painful to both of us. It was through Stephanie's coaching that we are now we able to be very loving to each other without the rage.

Towards the end of my program, I was complaining about my fiancé not being willing to set a date for our wedding. It was upsetting since he proposed and asked me to marry him yet no further plans were made. He wouldn't even talk about it. After taking Stephanie's advice on how to approach him, he set a date 2 days later. He's been talking about it ever since! She's a genius.