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The Program

The 12 week program

Here’s what you can expect from the program:


Have you ever heard the phrase "you can't love someone else until you love yourself"? If you have, how many of those times did you think to yourself, "Love myself? Ok great, I know exactly how to do that. Now let's get to dating". It's more likely that you have heard yourself say "Love myself? Ok, great. Now how do I do that?!?"

That's because it's not all that straightforward. It's one thing to know a concept or have an insight but it's quite another to know step by step how to accomplish the result you want. Together, we will work through a series of tailored exercises crafted just for you to get you in touch with your inner worth and help you love yourself. This way, when that special someone appears, you are ready to love and be loved. 



Actions + mindset = results

Results are produced by actions. The verb 'result' literally means "to follow as an outcome of some action".  To ensure you get the best possible results and keep yourself organized throughout the 12 weeks, we will kick off your program with a relationship action tracker workbook to record your actions, mindset, and challenges that arise. This means you accomplish your relationship goals in record time.



Motivation & positive coaching

Motivation can come from so many different places but one thing that is almost certain to stop you in your tracks is a negative mindset. Our weekly coaching sessions are designed to remove any barriers that may stop you from being in action, generating a newfound motivation to achieve your weekly goals. 



Fail fast

No one likes to fail, including me but if we are going to fail, I like to fail fast and move on. This allows us the opportunity to brush ourselves off and get back in action towards what we really want. Olympians aren't born as gold medalists. They hire coaches to train them to be the best and in the training process, there's actually much more failing than there is winning. It takes practice and dedication with the direction of a coach who has been there and can help you navigate. This is the Olympics of dating and your relationship is the gold medal. 


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