Stephanie Eisner de Vera
Relationship Coach

I have been a complete romantic ever since I can remember. In my teens and twenties, I read countless books on love and dating, hoping one day, to be in a successful, loving relationship of my own. I bought every program on how to text the opposite sex, attract your love, and find the one. Did every workshop that shared "the rules". Joined every dating site and learned how to online date before online dating was even an acceptable way to meet someone. I wanted to be in love so badly and I would do anything to find my life partner. 

When I turned 30, I did numerous years of transformational programs and finally met the man of my dreams...while I was out on a date with someone else! [For those who feel bad for the other guy at this point, don’t worry. It was a first date from an online dating app, I told him the very next day that I had met someone, and he completely understood. Even wished me well.]

​The man of my dreams and I had clicked right away in a NYC karaoke bar of all places. I was not expecting to meet him while out with my girlfriends. Quite the contrary, I was on another date! The very moment I saw him, our eyes locked and I knew.


It was that night that I realized it was the combination of my dating knowledge of what to do (and what not to do for that matter) in the beginning stages of a relationship as well as utilizing the transformational tools I had acquired to land and marry the man of my dreams.


Years later, he still talks about how I was being and acting that very night. Strong and independent. Happy, carefree, secure, and even a little playful. I was being that way with him because I was finally happy with myself and I didn't need anyone telling me I was enough. That's the real reason we met. 


​I finally loved myself. 


Now I’ve created my own program that is designed to get you relationship results too. A compilation of the tools I’ve learned combined with the knowledge of what to do to accelerate your progress towards having the relationship of your dreams. It's not just the dos and don'ts, tips and tricks that everyone talks about. It's not just the self love. They both work together in harmony. The right action at the right time and place. Making yourself both available and desirable to date.

As your coach, we will work together to enable you to accomplish your goals way faster than if you just let life happen to you or tried to figure it out on your own.


Record time results.

My unique and personalized approach will keep you in action, accelerating your success for 12 weeks while we deal, head-on, via 1:1 coaching to clear away any roadblocks that arise and keep you in action towards your goal of being in a committed relationship.

You CAN have what you want and have it now.  

I love a great love story. So let’s create yours, together.   




K.S. - NYC

When I first began working with Stephanie I was resistant to her suggestions since I'm such a strong-willed woman. She gave me the tools to learn patience and use my strength and power as an advantage instead of deeming myself too independent for a male partner to accept. I have to say, everything she's instructed me to do, by sitting back and patiently waiting for him to reach out to me (which happened exactly as she told me it would) to learning my own inner softer self has given me a newfound confidence that I am proud to explore. Thank you Stephanie. 

A.H. - NJ

My partner and I used to rage at each other. It was deeply painful to both of us. It was through Stephanie's coaching that we are now we able to be very loving to each other without the rage.

Towards the end of my program, I was complaining about my fiancé not being willing to set a date for our wedding. It was upsetting since he proposed and asked me to marry him yet no further plans were made. He wouldn't even talk about it. After taking Stephanie's advice on how to approach him, he set a date 2 days later. He's been talking about it ever since! She's a genius. 

S.M. - NY

I decided to try a relationship coach because I made the decision that I wanted to take my dating life to the next level and to find my ideal partner. After a great discovery call with Stephanie, I felt that she understood me and the challenges that I had been encountering. 


She helped me to identify behaviors from past relationships that may have been self-sabotaging and holding me back from what I wanted vs what I was ending up with. She also gave me tools to create a vision for my future partner and relationship. I had to become introspective and started asking myself some probing questions that could lead me to more clarity in my dating life. 


I now have a dating profile that is very much me and I feel more confident and re-energized this time around. 

J.S. - NY

Dating became fun again, in a playful, curious and wonder kind of way. It was me all along,but without Stephanie’s coaching, I would not be excited to take on dating and formulating an awesome relationship.


Think of it this way... you have a lot of stuff in both pockets of your pants, and you are not quite sure what are in those pockets. Stephanie had me take everything out of my pockets, put them on them table. Now I could see what I had in my pockets all laid out - but I want you to think of the stuff in your pockets as what you have to offer as someone who wants to be on a relationship. Same me, just now I have clarity of who I am for my next partner. She will challenge you, and she has your best interest in mind.


Choosing Stephanie as a relationship coach was one of the smartest things I have done. Call her, you will benefit greatly from working with her.

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