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has baggage

Let's help you find your matching


Open yourself to your dreams

I help single men and women discover what’s getting in the way of having the relationship of their dreams.

Together, we will assess the type of relationship you are looking for and target your search.

Overcoming past challenges, we create a new path that will attract the type of person you really

want to be with.


As we progress through the program,

we will touch on 3 areas: 


Focusing on yourself, your confidence, and your automatic behaviors with regards to dating


Identifying the key personality traits of your ideal match and discovering your dating and relationship expectations 


"On the court" coaching that will guide you through your dates so you can show up with confidence, self-assurance, and enjoy the fastest path towards your committed relationship goals 

Why Hire a Relationship Catalyst?

Do in a few months what typically takes years of experience, trial and error to accomplish.


You sometimes wonder, is it me? 


You don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex and wish there was a manual or course that would tell you EXACTLY what to do and when to do it.


You are taking actions but you still don’t have what you really want.


You have partly or completely given up on ever finding “the one”.

Book your discovery call
Learn your potential right NOW

Book a free discovery call to explore how to unleash your true potential and talk about the next steps in your personal life.

It's easy, it's inspiring and it's free.

1/2 hour call

The 12 week program


Transform automatic behaviors into conscious, deliberate decisions and actions that will lead you to your successful, long lasting relationship​.


Enjoy getting out there with excitement, fun, and ease.


Elevate the quality of your dating profile so that you attract your desired match rather than dating an endless amount of prospects.


Do and say the right thing every time by learning how to connect with your date, creating a deeper bond each time.


Accomplish your relationship goals in record time.

About me

As your coach, we will work together to enable you to accomplish your relationship goals way faster than if you just let life happen to you or tried to figure it out on your own.


Record time results.


My unique and personalized approach will keep you in action, accelerating your success for 12 weeks while we deal, head-on, via 1:1 coaching to clear away any roadblocks that arise and keep you in action towards your goal of being in a committed relationship. 

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